Rethinking the professional speaker’s one-sheet


Now that so much marketing is digital, the professional speaker's one-sheet is looking more and more like an anachronism. It was a time-honoured tool for generations, consisting of a headshot photo, a brief bio and an overview of your area of specialty. It was a speaker's key marketing tool. It got the job done. The traditional one-sheet was designed based on three assumptions: it would be Click to continue

How you can improve your PowerPoint presentation today


1. Your Powerpoint or other slideware material shouldn't compete with your presentation. Sounds obvious, right? But anyone who has had to squint to read all the copy on crammed onto dozens of slides in a presentation knows this mistake is still a common one. 2. When sharing data-based information with your audience, don't just report on numbers. Explain the meaning behind numbers. Infographics Click to continue

The year in rhetoric & presentations

Aaron Wherry's new post in Maclean's is a must-read for anyone interested in the best that political speech-making skills offered in this fine town in 2010. I agree wholeheartedly with his praise for Robert Fowler's impassioned speech, but also draw your attention to Wherry's observation: We have may long ago lost our patience for hours-long addresses, but there remains a certain craving for Click to continue

Business apps for iPad: a writer’s take

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At the consumer level, it doesn’t take very long for the iPad to win people over. It’s easy to see its appeal for personal use (and I’m pretty sure I don’t need to rehash all the reasons why here). But what about for business? That’s an area that’s still being explored in terms of finding ROI. So let me share what I know about that. I've been using my iPad professionally since its US launch Click to continue

Rethink what a presentation can do

History and statistics. Be honest, when you read those two words together, do you think to yourself "hey now those topics together could make for a really engaging presentation!" Probably not. But in the hands of the right speaker---someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable about their subject---anything becomes possible. Just as important, when that passionate presenter invests in Click to continue