How to troubleshoot your sales copy today

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Struggling with sales copy that’s just not doing what it should for your business? Here are five easy things you can do right away to make your copy connect with your readers and sell.   Get rid of everything that doesn’t identify a problem that your customer has and how you can solve it. Build out from there. Take a red pen and circle every instance in your copy of “we,” “us” or Click to continue

Don’t be wordy


When working on a project either as a copywriter and editor, I address the needs of two groups. First, there is the client who is paying me to do the job. The second one is the audience the client wants to other words, "the reader." On every product, I provide my best advice to every client. What I also do is advocate on behalf of the reader—the prospect or the customer that my Click to continue

Business apps for iPad: a writer’s take

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At the consumer level, it doesn’t take very long for the iPad to win people over. It’s easy to see its appeal for personal use (and I’m pretty sure I don’t need to rehash all the reasons why here). But what about for business? That’s an area that’s still being explored in terms of finding ROI. So let me share what I know about that. I've been using my iPad professionally since its US launch Click to continue

Be nice to your back: buy a good office chair

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This came up in a discussion I had the other day, and the advice I offered is important...the kind that's based on "don't make the same mistake as me, folks." If you spend a lot of time in your office, buy the absolute best, most comfortable, most adjustable office chair you can find. Put "low price" at the bottom of your list of must-haves. You are going to spend more—maybe even a lot Click to continue

Where you need to be to get your customers talking about you

As part of the article writing services we offer at thinkit creative, here is a brand-new piece we’ve prepared for Engage Selling Solutions, based on the sales presentations of Colleen Francis. Finding new ways to connect what you sell with those who are ready to buy is a constant challenge in sales. Even if you’re already hitting your sales targets, a good salesperson is always looking for Click to continue